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Example sheet drawn by Mothyonline.

Free to use thread for the month of January 2023

-Snake Eyes
-Club, Diamond, and Spade Ears
-Golden Lace Anywhere
-Solid Gold Pawpads and Hooves
-Multiple Pupils (Can have 1-6 pupils, and can shake their heads to change the number!)
-Confetti Stuffing

Extra Info:

Casino perfpals have a penchant for gambling and are often luckier than most! You'll find them trying to make their fortune at a casino, or trying to swindle other perfpals into simple bets and card games. Coming from the city of Sirencester, casino perfpals are all too used to the big city. Most casino perfpals choose to live their entire lives in the big city due to their draw to gambling. These perfpals are more nocturnal, they evolved to be awake longer at night due to the night life being the high life. All casino perfpals have an impulse to take risks. Most casino perfpals resort to gambling, but there have also been records of daredevils, risk seekers, and adrenalin junkies.

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