1. You must have an myo to make a Perfpal.
2. You cannot make a perfpal just to resell it immedaitely.
3. It is highly reccommended you submit your perfpal to this world.
4. There will be no guilt tripping other members.
5. Perfpals cannot have offensive markings.
6. No selling to blacklisted members.
7. If you make a "knockoff" perfpal, you will be blacklisted.
8. Do not make fun of other closed species.
9. Perfpals CANNOT be nsfw. Keep it safe
10. There will be no bullying/harassing other members.

Please keep these rules in mind when creating your Perfpal/engaging with our community to avoid being blacklisted or banned from events! Punishments for breaking rules are up to the moderators discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Perfpal?

There are a few different ways to obtain one! Our moderators and guest artists make adoptable designs that can either be bought or traded for via art or other designs. MYO (Make Your Own) tickets can be purchased in our discord server for $3-7 (Payment options available are Paypal and Cashapp currently). We also host at least one event every month that gives opportunities to make at least a common Perfpal, but we also give away MYO tickets of various rarities at random! If you're interested, joining the discord is the easiest way to get one!

I bought two threads, can I combine them?

Yes! Though it should be noted that each thread can only be used once, so for example if you've purchased one Demonic Thread and want to use the horns trait, you can only give your Perfpal one set of horns. However if you have another thread that gives a different pair of horns, you may use them both at the same time (ex. one Demonic set of horns and one Sleigh Ride set of horns.)

Am I allowed to make a base for the species?

Absolutely! But at this time we ask that any bases made for them stay free to use!

Do I have to use every trait from a thread?

Nope, you can pick and choose which traits you want to use so long as you own the thread!

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