Species Reference Sheet

Here's our species traits and their rarities! Perfpals always have a cute bunny face and deerlike plush legs! The patch on their body can be any shape, we used a heart as an example here. Perfpals only have one patch, and the placement depends on its rarity! They are are soft scented plushies sewn together with a magical thread that brings them to life! The tag on their ear corresponds with the scent they have been given, and they can smell like anything! When making one, feel free to get as specific as you want.

Extra information on ear types:

-Rare ears can have a bend, but can't be fully laid back (like a lop bunny!)
-Mismatching ears is a big no-no! Perfpals currently can only use one type of ear.
-Common ears are heart shaped, rare ears are not!

Perfpals can only be made by guest artists or those who have obtained an MYO ticket!

MYO tickets are purchasable in our discord servers, with the price varying depending on the rarity. We host a lot of giveaways/events in our discord server to give everyone an opportunity to make their own Perfpal for free! Check it out via the link on the homepage

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