Retired Threads, 2023

These threads have been retired! As of right now the only way to use them is to have bought one before they were retired or obtaining a perfpal with the thread and using a redesign ticket on them. As of September 2023 these threads will no longer be put up for sale again.


How frightening! [October 2023]

Wereperfs are a special kind of Perfpal that only appears in October! Wereperf traits work differently than usual, click the Wereperf icon for more info!

Sky High Thread

Up up and away! [September 2023]

-Airplane Wings
-Head Visors
-Cloud/Rainbow Tails
-Hip Jets
-Fuel Stuffing

Cyber Thread

Your computer is making a buzzing noise... [August 2023]

-Screen Faces
-LED Pawpads
-Plugin Tail Chargers
-CD Player Belly
-Wire Stuffing

Mermaid Thread

Under the sea... under the sea... these aquatic traits you'll see! [July 2023]

-Mermaid body
-Waterbed type stuffing
-Seaweed on body

Jungle Thread

I bless the rains down in perfcia.. gonna take the time to- check out these traits! [July 2023]

-Watering Can Paws
-Tropical Bird Wings
-Monkey Tails
-Body Vines/Leaves
-Tank “Stuffing”

Western Thread

In these parts we have a few different traits than ur average perfie. [June 2023]

-Pony Ears
-Pony Tails
-Horseshoe Pawpads and Hooves
-Body Tassels
-Sand or Tumbleweed Stuffing

Picnic Thread

munchmunchmunc- sorry were you looking for this? [May 2023]

-Patch Storage
-Stomach Pouch
-Sandwich Stuffing
-Basket Tail
-Oversized Blanket Ears

Flower Pond Thread

Looking deep into your reflection... you find what you are looking for. [April 2023]

-Body Flowers
-Branch Antlers
-Ceramic Hooves
-Koi Tail
-Koi Whiskers


Perfpals x Paraghosties collaboraion! [March 2023]

As Paraperfs are limited to a collaboration with another species, their traits work differently than a normal thread! They are listed on the info page you can reach by clicking the Paraperf icon!

Lovebug Thread

Oh how adorable! These little guys are so full of love! [February 2023]

-Curly Heart Antenna
-Tiny Round Wings
-Heart Irises
-Conversation Heart Hooves
-Petal Stuffing

Casino Thread

Cha-ching! That’s the sound of a jackpot baby! [January 2023]

-Snake Eyes
-Club, Diamond, and Spade Ears
-Golden Lace Anywhere
-Solid Gold Pawpads and Hooves
-Multiple Pupils (Can have 1-6 pupils, and can shake their heads to change the number!)
-Confetti Stuffing

Sleigh Ride Thread

It's lovely weather to make a Christmas Perfpal with you! [December 2022]

-Extra fluff on the legs and neck
-Bells on body (anywhere)
-Hoof Hands
-Tinsel stuffing

Feather Thread

Your Perfpal feels the autumn air beneath the wings… [November 2022]

-Arm Wings
-Feather Tails
-Back Wings
(Must be from a North American Bird Species)
-Nest Stuffing

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