What are threads?

Special threads can be used to give your Perfpal traits that it wouldn't otherwise have! Basic Perfpals are limited to the traits shown on the species sheet (located on our Species Info page). Using a special thread, it can be created with horns, wings, extra limbs, etc. depending on the threads available for use! Every month a new thread is released, along with a different set of traits that can be used in combination with any MYO ticket for free that month! Other threads can be purchased in our discord server's shop channel, and purchased threads do not expire.

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This months free thread:

Picnic Thread

Looking deep into your reflection... you find what you are looking for. [April 2023]

-Patch Storage
-Stomach Pouch
-Sandwich Stuffing
-Basket Tail
-Oversized Blanket Ears

Angelic Thread

Bless your Perfpal with angelic features using this holy thread. [Obtainable for $3 in our discord server]

-Taller Body (7ft-10ft height)
-Angel Wings
-Floating Halo
-Unicorn Horn
-Cloud Stuffing

Demonic Thread

Curse your Perfpal with demonic features using this hellish thread. [Obtainable for $3 in our discord server]

-Smaller Body (3-4ft Height)
-Bat Wings
-Pointed Tail
-Ram Horns
-Gorey Stuffing

Alien Thread

Woah!! Your Perfpal is out of this world, literally! [Obtainable for $3 in our discord server]

-Alien Antenna
-Two Extra Arms
-Extra Set of Eyes
-Glow In The Dark Features
-Space Stuffing

Psychic Thread

Your Perfpal… it’s.. magic!! These ethereal traits include: [Obtainable for $3 in our discord server]

-Floating Powers
(Floats objects and self)
-Rounded Tails
-Color Changing
-Third Eye
-Glitter Stuffing

Legend Thread

Am I encountering a new boss?! Yes! I’ve found the great dragon thread! [Obtainable for $3 in our discord server]

-Plastic Claws
-Dragon wings
-Spikes anywhere on face/body
-Steam can come from mouths or nostrils (they are humidifiers)
-Gemstone Stuffing

Looking for the ribbon archive instead?

Ribbons are special mini-trait packs, usually containing 3 traits each. They are only obtainable during 24 hour pop-up shop events in our discord server, and as such are quite limited!

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Expired Threads:

These threads are no longer available for use! (If you are a server booster there is an exception to this rule, server boosters may use the thread from the last month as well as the current thread.)

Flower Pond Thread

Looking deep into your reflection... you find what you are looking for. [April 2023]

-Body Flowers
-Branch Antlers
-Ceramic Hooves
-Koi Tail
-Koi Whiskers

Lovebug Thread

Oh how adorable! These little guys are so full of love! [February 2023]

-Curly Heart Antenna
-Tiny Round Wings
-Heart Irises
-Conversation Heart Hooves
-Petal Stuffing

Casino Thread

Cha-ching! That’s the sound of a jackpot baby! [January 2023]

-Snake Eyes
-Club, Diamond, and Spade Ears
-Golden Lace Anywhere
-Solid Gold Pawpads and Hooves
-Multiple Pupils (Can have 1-6 pupils, and can shake their heads to change the number!)
-Confetti Stuffing

Sleigh Ride Thread

It's lovely weather to make a Christmas Perfpal with you! [December 2022]

-Extra fluff on the legs and neck
-Bells on body (anywhere)
-Hoof Hands
-Tinsel stuffing

Feather Thread

Your Perfpal feels the autumn air beneath the wings… [November 2022]

-Arm Wings
-Feather Tails
-Back Wings
(Must be from a North American Bird Species)
-Nest Stuffing