What are ribbons?

Ribbons are smaller trait packs than threads, and are much rarer! Our Discord server will sometimes host pop-up events where ribbons and sometimes past threads and other items are available for purchase for a limited time (24 hours!). Just like threads they can be traded/resold with proof, and must be turned in with your MYO ticket when getting your Perfpal approved!

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Pop-up Shop Ribbons

These ribbons were available for purchase for 24 hours only at $3 each!

Celestial Ribbon

-Halo-like rings around limbs
-Angel wings on head
-Blank eyes


-Vines growing on body
-Hollow eyes (can glow)

Clairvoyant Ribbon

-No mouth (communicates telepathically)
-Crystal ball eyes
-Resin hooves

Supernatural Ribbon

-Holographic paws and hooves
-Extra mouth
-Star shaped paw pads

Garden Ribbon

-Perfpal is tiny (1ft tall)
-Oversized paws
-Permanently sewn on hat

Fierce Ribbon

-Large muscular bodies (7ft-8ft)
-Big teeth
-Creates smoke from body

Underwater Ribbon

-Body fins/webs
-Seaweed on body

Majestic Ribbon

-Hooves for hands
-Pastel colored wings
-Cotton Candy Stuffing

North Ribbon

-Ice hooves
-Ice Crystals on Body
-Extra Fur

South Ribbon

-Furnace Belly
-2 Sets of Dragon Wings
-Snake Eyes

East Ribbon

-Anchor Tail
-Neck Fins
-Sail Wings

West Ribbon

-Scorpion Tail
-Guitar Torso
-Cactus Whiskers

Yami-Kawaii Ribbon

-Blood Pack Ears
-Sewn On Corset Ribbon on Back
-Pill Stuffing

Visual Kei Ribbon

-Zippers on Body
-Body Rhinestones
-Big Fangs

Yume-Kawaii Ribbon

-Cloud Aura
-Moon Shaped Pawpads
-Star Shaped Iris

Lolita Ribbon

-Sewn on Ruffles/Lace
-Bows on Body
-Bow Tail

Booberry Ribbon

-Translucent Body Parts
-Frozen Popsicle Hooves
-Flowy Extra Fabric on Body

Count Chocula Ribbon

-Built-in Cape
-Chocolate Dripping Paws
-Bat Nose

Frankenberry Ribbon

-Bolts on Neck
-Berry Stuffing
-Can Move Detatched Body Parts

Carmella Creeper Ribbon

-Caramel on Body
-Multiple Pupils
-CD Player Belly

Death Ribbon

-Raven/Crow Wings
-Skeletal Body Parts
-Ability To Contort Body

War Ribbon

-Gator Tails
-Sharp Split Hooves

Pestilence Ribbon

-All Black Eyes
-Manipulate Shadows
-Poison Fangs

Conquest Ribbon

-Eyes Anywhere On Body
-Hip Wings
-Any Two Sets of Horns

Party Ribbon

This is a special ribbon that can be purchased in our Stitching Shop with Buttons! Butttons are obtainable through participaing in community events in our Discord server!

-Body Streamers
-Balloon Tails
-Candy Stuffing

Special Event Ribbons

These ribbons were given away as booster prizes/obtained through other events!

Mamba Ribbon

Exclusive Ribbon for Moderators

-Snake Scales
-Neurotoxin Stuffing
-Snake Fangs

Bù lún Ribbon

Free for Discord boosters for all of April 2024.

-Demon Wings on Hips
-Two Faces
-Meat Stuffing

Crawly Ribbon

Free for Discord boosters for all of January 2024.

-Extra Sets of Arms
-Extra Fluffy
-Lovebug Antenna

Carnival Ribbon

Free for Discord boosters for all of November 2023.

-Carousel Center Pole
-LED Strips on Body
-Ticket Dispenser

Cottage Ribbon

Given out as a prize for a ribbon design contest in June 2023.

-Porcelain Hooves/Eyes
-Transparent Butterfly/Insect Wings
-Flower Growth Anywhere on Body

Ice Water Ribbon

Free for Discord boosters for all of August 2023.

-Orca Tail
-Big Bodies 10-11ft
-Narwhal Horn

Magical Ribbon

Free for Discord boosters for all of April 2023.

-Butterfly wings
-Transparent paws/patch
-Stuffing glows