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Example sheet drawn by Mothyonline.

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-Plastic Claws
-Dragon wings
-Spikes anywhere on face/body
-Steam can come from mouths or nostrils (they are humidifiers)
-Gemstone Stuffing


Legend Perfpals are one of the 5 founding threads. Along with Angelic, Demonic, #####, and ######. This is because the first ever “legend” Perfpal was created by Mother before other ancient perfpals even existed. This means that legend perfpals have some of the longest recorded history out of every other thread. Some lore was written down, but some things were simply lost to time. What do we know about the first legend Perfpal? If you take a trip to Jido, the birthplace of the Flowerpond thread, you will be able to see a statue of her. What separates her from other perfpals is that she has traits that no Perfpal is known to have. Though people speculate she wasn’t born here, they say her last appearance was here. The oldest written records of her tell a short story of who she was. In her youth, she was cunning and often tricked her friends into giving her more land and riches. All that she desired was to be wealthy in every area imaginable. Her flames would cut down forests, and her smoke could clear out an entire army. Later in life, she stopped rampaging lands for her money, and instead had an army of ancient perfpals do it for her. While she lay weak in the mountains, she was attacked from behind by another one of the originals. This was the very last appearance of the “Goddess of Greed.” They say you can faintly hear her weeping if you visit her statue when no one else is there.

Current Day:

The ancient legend perfpals fought for their ruler's greed, leaving a damaging reputation on their kind. Those who fought in her army did not care about this reputation, as they thought it would make the other threads fear them. Others who just wanted peace found it extremely hard to be taken seriously by outsiders. Though their reputation is in a much better light now, their history is still overhanging on them. That is not very fair to Legend perfpals at all. Legend perfpals are now known as the hardest working thread out there, even mutating into the Sky-High thread; the most energetic thread. Although they still have their desire to obtain lots of riches and hoard them, they also work hard for their success instead of taking it by force. Because Legend perfpals are so big and strong, they take on more laborious tasks that other perfpals wouldn’t perform.


After a long day of work, Legend perfpals group up and sleep together in a big pile. This practice is completely platonic to where even work friends will do it after a hard day. They release their humidifier’s steam and nap peacefully together. Some Legend perfpals who choose not to work hard labor go into caretaker positions. They could be nurses, young education teachers, or elderly caregivers. Their humidifiers relax whoever they are working with, and make the environment more pleasant and comfortable.

Body + Biology:

Legend perfpals have some of the longest wingspans and fly at higher speeds than their original counterparts. They quickly traverse through the lands and can reach their destination without any difficulty.

Where They Live:

They inhabit almost every area in the perfpal world. They live in some of the more “difficult terrain” areas that other perfpals wouldn’t live in. Because of their rocky past, they usually do not inhabit the homelands of the other original lands. Their oldest mutation, the Flowerpond mutation, very heavily populates Jido. Some even say that those who live in Jido are “eastern dragons” and those who live elsewhere are “western dragons.” Sometimes their traits will even link up with this, with the most popular example being the twins Happi and Beau.

Extra Info:

Perfpals made with a Legend thread are able to fly just like angelic and demonic perfpals! They are inclined to collect shiny things and trinkets in their own hoards, and even though they want to grow their hoard as much as possible, they are still willing to share if another Perfpal is in need of something they have. Equipped with humidifies in their bellies, they breath steam that matches the scent of their scent tag. This makes Legend Perfpals good friends to have if you are sick or want to relax!

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