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Example sheet drawn by Batti.

Free to use thread for the month of November 2023

-Ball Jointed
-Strings Attatched
-Music/Voice Box Inside
-Windup on Back
-Wooden Stuffing

Extra Info:

Marionetta perfpals aren't like your usual fluffy friends, in fact they don't even identify as "plush" they consider themselves dolls! Thesse toy-variant perfpals come from the land of Condor but are able to live anywhere! They tend to be very family focused and choose multiple life long partners. Of course, you can't talk about Marionetta perfpals without bringing up that they LOVE fashion! They all have their different styles but marionetta perfpals put extra care into how they look. Some have music boxes inside of them, allowing them to play beautiful music they've composed themselves. Others have specialized voice boxes that modify their regular voices, allowing them to sound as elegant or as strange as they'd like. Usual occupations for marionetta perfpals include: singer, dancer, and actor.

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