More on Paraperfs:

Example sheet drawn by Pixie.

A collaboration event between Paraghosties and Perfpals! Please check them out, they are a wonderful closed species owned by our good friend Pixie! This year, a new variant of Paraghosties has appeared! As this is a collab event for March 2024, no extension was given to boosters for this month.

Paraperfs are seperate from Perfpals and Paraghosties, as such they are not added to the worlds for either. Instead, they can be linked to the Paraperf character collection here!

Paraghosties REQUIRE all of these traits:
-Scent tag
-Two ghost markings on body (can move around freely)
-Star shaped ears
-Colored sclera
-Chest or belly patch
-Round pawpads
-At least one visible stitch
-Bat Wings
-Imp Tail

Paraperfs cannot use threads from Perfpals or mutations from Paraghosties.

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