More on Phantasm Thread:

Example sheet drawn by Mothyonline.

Free to use thread for the month of January 2024

-Cat Tails and Eyes
-Card Shape Ears
-Shoots Webs from Paws
-Sewn-on Capes
-Popcorn Stuffing

Extra Info:

The phantasam thread brings to life phantom perfpals! What exactly... are phantom perfpals? Well if you're able to catch a glimpse of one of these sneaky guys, you'll come to find they're quite misleading! Dressed up in a gentlemanly attire, these perfpals execute class and elegance. They have such a way with words that you don't notice yourself getting wrapped up in their lies! These well dressed perfpals are actually thieves! They steal from the rich right under their noses using their stealthy cat-like senses. Webs are used to swing across chandeliers and out windows, or even to tie up bodyguards. They have no caution and are drawn to wealth no matter the risk. Be careful! When you meet a phantasm perfpal, think, "do they really mean what they say, or are they going to swindle me?"

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