More on Void Thread:

Example sheet drawn by SwooshAri.

Free to use thread for the month of February 2024

-Angler Antenna
-Transluscent Bodyparts
-Long Bodies
-Slime/Brine Stuffing

Extra Info:

In the ink black depths is where you'll find most Void Thread Perfpals! Due to the pressure of the deep waters Void Perfies have adapted to have very squishy and moldable long bodies with a liquid brine stuffing and tentacles to feel their way along dark surfaces. These slimy guys are also typically sensitive to lights or loud noises so when outside of their dark home they are usually pretty overwhelmed. Void Perfpals are typically introverted but with patience and understanding they can be very friendly and loyal pals! Oftentimes though, Void Perfpals have the perception of just being shy or standoffish with somewhat strange or meticulous mannerisms and interests. Remember when deep diving to please take care not to tread on a resting Void Perfpal!

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